How to do the perfect spring detox?

  • How to do the perfect spring detox?

How to do the perfect spring detox?

We live in a hectic time full of stress and bustle. Therefore, we also need a functional body to cope without problems. Proper functioning of the body and health can be supported by regular detox. The body's detoxification helps cleanse the body of harmful substances that have accumulated in it. It gives the body enough energy and helps to overcome fatigue. Detox is done mainly in the spring months for several reasons.

Why do detox especially in the spring?

The main reason most people include detoxification in the spring is the upcoming spring fatigue. Our body is full of harmful substances after a difficult winter, it needs to be cleaned and encouraged. Thanks to detoxification we can prevent spring fatigue and prepare the body for the coming spring and summer months.

Another reason may be the availability of many different herbs and plants that have detoxifying effects. Very popular are spring nettle or milk thistle. Also in spring, various vegetables and fruits are becoming available again, which were difficult to find or expensive during the winter.

So how to include spring detox?

Water, water and water again 

For proper functioning of the organism and start of detox, it is necessary to keep the drinking regime. Include as much fresh clean water as possible. You can use a filter kettle for higher quality. You can sweeten the taste with a slice of lemon or orange, or even a little forest berries that you add to the water. And if you already have enough water, prepare herbal teas that you can drink warm and chilled, even with a little lemon juice.

Fruits, vegetables and fruit juices

Include as many fruits and vegetables as possible during the detoxification period. For easier digestion, you can prepare fruit juices or mix vegetables and fruits for smoothies. But remember that fruit has a lot of sugars, so do not overdo it with lots of juices.  

It is great to add lemon or blueberries to the smoothie and fruit juices, which, thanks to a large number of antioxidants, will further support the detoxification process.

Green food and antioxidants

The ongoing detox can be supported by so-called superfoods, which contain a large number of antioxidants and promote a faster metabolism. Such foods include green freshwater algae chlorella or even young barley.

Do not eat industrially processed foods 

Avoid all industrially processed foods you buy at the store during detox. Try to include as many fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts and unprocessed foods as possible. If you want to go to full detox, consider only raw food, a food that has not undergone heat treatment above 42 °C. As a result, food retains all the necessary nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and substances that are beneficial to the human body. 

Eliminate caffeine

Try to eliminate coffee and black tea during spring detox. Both contain large amounts of caffeine, which clog the body and prevent leaching of impurities. A suitable alternative is matcha, which contains caffeine but also a large number of antioxidants. Decaffeinated teas or herbal blends are also useful, and they can be blended with herbs to further enhance detox. These include milk thistle, aloe vera, ginger or spring nettle.

No alcohol, meat, white flour and no sugar at all

Remove these foods from your diet for at least the duration of detox. Meat is hard to digest and alcohol, white flour and sugar clog the body for a long time and prevent toxins from leaching out of the body.

Keep moving and most importantly do not stress 

Plan your spring detox when you will have peace. Definitely do not start detox if you have a lot of work, feel sick or ill. For proper detox, calm is needed.

Move during spring detox. When moving, you will find a sports watch that will stop your cardio very helpful. Suitably are activities such as yoga, stretching, swimming or jogging.

Slow return

When you have finished detox, start adding more foods to your diet gradually. If you jump from fruit juices, a lot of nuts and “clean” foods straight to fast food, heaps of fried and lots of sugars, you will probably find it hard to get back on this diet. Therefore, even after the detox cure, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and include unhealthy foods in the diet only rarely.


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