Women's perfumes for Indian summer

  • Women's perfumes for Indian summer

Women's perfumes for Indian summer

Do you know how Indian summer smells? A piece of it is hidden in each of the five perfumes that we carefully selected for you in today's article. Try one and let yourself be carried away in the waves of this beautiful, dreamy time.

The sharp summer rays are slowly fading and autumn will take the imaginary scepter over nature soon. But between the hot summer and the cold autumn time, there is another beautiful season that is very popular. That's right, the talk is about a beloved Indian summer. The last warm days, the ripening fruit, the golden sunset that is being sooner and sooner. A fleeting and short period of the year, still calling for adventure and excursions.

Why not make this beautiful time even more pleasant? We have prepared for you five perfumes that are perfect for the golden days of Indian summer.  

1) Chanel Chance

The feminine fragrance of the world-famous Chanel fashion house will win you over with its variability and seductiveness. Flower flood in the form of hyacinth and iris in combination with white pepper, amber and white musk form the head and base of perfume. In his heart you will taste jasmine and vetiver. Grab your chance and succumb to the scent that keeps changing - from floral to spicy, but always sensual and mysteriously fleeing. Just like the Indian summer, which lasts only a moment, Chanel Chance will always surprise you with it's unpredictability and changeable beauty.

2) Hugo Boss Ma Vie

My life, that is a name of Hugo Boss's favorite fragrance, inspired by a free and independent female soul. A woman who can enjoy the simplest moments, fragments that make up the whole beauty of life. This will be delighted with the floral-woody Ma Vie fragrance. Set out for adventure accompanied by cactus, jasmine, rose and freesia, followed by woody tones of cedar.

3) Givenchy Dahlia Divin 

Wake up the goddess within you and wrap yourself in the oriental-floral fragrance of Dahlia Divin by Givenchy. Pamper yourself with a wonderful blend of mimosa, musk, vanilla, rose and sandalwood. The aroma, as golden and radiant as the sun itself in Indian summer, is sensual and truly charismatic. Get drunk on this golden nectar that will give you the courage to do everything in the world.

4) Gucci Bamboo 

The modern woman, elegant and confident, deserves a perfume that underlies all her wonderful qualities. That's exactly what Gucci Bamboo is. The floral fragrance includes tones of tangerine, bergamot and sweetly ripe autumn pears. The moment will be followed by jasmine, lily and ylang-ylang. The rich floral cocktail will end with Tahitian vanilla, white musk and soft sandalwood, which give the perfume fullness. Enjoy the amazing feminine fragrance, perfect for beautiful late summer days.

5) Christian Dior J'adore 

The captivating scent of J'adore by Christian Dior will capture you in no time. It is hard to resist such a sensual and feminine blend of perfect tones of mandarin, violet, blackberry and damascus plum, which is surrounded by a seductive orchid and ivy leaves. Everything is complemented by amaranth wood and musk. A exquisite fragrance that you will love not only during the late summer.

We hope that this list of our favorite fragrances has inspired you. Hopefully they will give you a taste of enjoying the last warm days of this year and enjoying the upcoming autumn season.


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