Perfumes spring 2020

Perfumes spring 2020

With the first warm sunny days, a new wave of positive energy and life force awakens in us. The spring season includes a light, fresh and airy fragrance that will encourage us and give you a feeling of freshness. In perfumes, we can smell the flowers, citrus, mint, green tea or juicy fruits.

If you decide to start this spring with a new fragrance, there are many possibilities. But the choice may be more complex than it seems. You can choose from complete innovations as well as innovative variants of classic fragrances. We will introduce at least some of them.

Euphoria, Calvin Klein

The classic Euphoria comes with a spring flavour that combines tones of tangerine and cherry blossom. Light and sensual fragrance for a confident woman is perfect for sunny days.

Evergreen, Jil Sander

A novelty that will dazzle you with a combination of pear, grapefruit blossom and white pepper. Cover yourself with lightness and juiciness, Evergreen awakens feminine sensuality and tenderness.

Dolce, Dolce & Gabana

An ethereal, fresh and pure blend of white amaryllis, narcissus and water lily. The delicate balance between sensuality, joy and simplicity.

Even though perfumers come up with new fragrant trends every spring, there are iconic fragrances, even decades old, to which women have repeatedly returned across generations. If you are one of them, be inspired by classics with a touch of orient, floral scents or unisex minimalism. All of them are connected by traditional craftsmanship and quality design. You won't find a ladder here, because the best smell just can't be determined. In short, for each of us, everything smells a little different.

CK One, Calvin Klein

A truly first iconic unisex fragrance that has been on the market since 1994. The combination of cardamom, jasmine, pineapple and bergamot will engulf you to underline your independence and individuality

Chloe, Chloé

Perhaps we do not have to present an elegant pink bottle with a bow, which is the very essence of spring in Paris. Tones of rose, lily of the valley and magnolia play a game of color, freedom and elegance.


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