How to enjoy stress-free Christmas

  • How to enjoy stress-free Christmas

How to enjoy stress-free Christmas

Christmas holidays today are often synonymous with stress, demanding shopping, crowded shops, getting ready and a big cleaning up. Do you want this year to be calm and peaceful again, as it should be? Don't support consumption and check out how to avoid pre-Christmas stress.

Christmas holidays are around the corner. Perhaps you also thought that you will manage this year in peace and quiet. But you may not be able to do it quite well, and the marauders in the form of TV commercials, decorated Christmas trees in every shop window and the huge number of people pushing in the shops, are constantly pushing you to the heavenly heights. Not like that! Do not let the beautiful holidays be disgusted by consumerism and annoying sellers. We have some tips to help you enjoy Christmas the way you really want it. 

Don't collapse if you miss something

Good advice is better than gold. Keep in mind that nobody will care abou uncleaned shelves in the kitchen, poorly starched curtains or "just" 5 kinds of candy. Christmas is not a race. Advent time should be about peace and quiet and if a perfectly arranged apartment helps you, please. But if you clean, decorate and bake just because you think it is expected of you, stop for a moment and think about yourself. Do you really want to spend your free days like this?

Pre-Christmas cleaning can be fun

We are not saying that pre-Christmas cleaning is not important. No one wants to spend Christmas in a mess and dirt. But you can take the holiday cleaning in a completely different way than working all day. What can you do? If you have children and a husband, you have two options - to send them on a day trip or to your grandmother so that no one will bother you. Or actively engage them. After all, all the work may not lie on you. Set your priorities and clean up only what is necessary - there is really no need to mop dust from cups that have been left unused in the cupboard for a year. Play carols for cleaning and don't forget to reward yourself for doing the job well! Go to dinner, order a pizza or go to the cinema. Cleaning can become quite pleasant fun when you not only clean your flat, but also your head. 

Ask what everyone wants and try to get it online

Getting gifts can be fun when you have an idea. Worse situation occurs when you helplessly wander shops and just do not know what to buy. It is certainly nice to give your loved ones a surprise that fits perfectly in their tastes and they will use it regularly. But let's face it, choosing such a gift isn't easy. Therefore, if you do not know, do not be afraid to simply ask others and ahead of time. If you manage it in time, you can then order most gifts online, avoiding annoying queues and crowds in stores. 

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Tip: Write it down! In the course of the year, your loved ones will occasionally say that they want something. Or they were looking at a pretty mug on the market, a t-shirt in a shop window. Learn to listen well, write down their wishes or secretly buy the thing straight away. Most people will share their wishes with you. And in December, you don't need to worry.

Take time to your loved ones

This is the very essence of Christmas. Be with the ones you love. Nowadays full of consumerism, when we are dealing with whether we have enough expensive gifts and well-packed refrigerator, we easily forget what the holiday is actually about. Try to jump out of the carousel of stress that is all around. Go with your friend for hot toddy and just walk around the square, have a free afternoon and watch a fairy tales, leave your phone in your bag and decorate gingerbread together at home, go skating on the skating rink. In short, do not let the pre-Christmas stress get you, do not worry, it will be all fine. And you will see that your whole family will appreciate it.

Do not force yourself to visit all relatives

Let's be real, no one can handle the visits of all great-aunts, great-uncles, second-cousins etc. You get stuffed with candy, alcohol and homemade sandwiches everywhere and at the end of the day you no longer know who you are. Christmas visits are a truly stressful experience for many. What about trying this year differently? Visit only the one you are closest with or invite parents or grandmothers to Christmas Day. And schedule visits to more distant relatives on another day of the year. They will understand this when you will sit under the pergola in the summer and enjoy the presence of each other. You will have much more time to talk in depth and the visit will lose the hallmark of unpleasant duties. Try it!

Make the holidays according to yourself 

It's hard to go upstream. And as for Christmas, it's even harder because society and family place high expectations on us. To keep the traditions, to go after the visits, to bake a bunch of cookies, to have a clean house, to be perfectly cooked meal and to have the best mood and always keep smile on your face. That's a pretty difficult task, isn't it?

But each of us has the right to make Christmas as we wish. And if you want to celebrate them differently, who is stopping you? Just agree with your partner and make a compromise. If you have children, it will be harder, but they will also appreciate much more that you will rather spend your free time with them than bake tenth type of sweets. Feel free to go for a daylong walk or tobogganing, or pack up and head to the woods. Do not force yourself to do everything as other expect you to. 

Don't be home if you don't want to

Do you wish to completely escape the Christmas stress? It is not so unusual if you go abroad on holidays. You don't have to spend December eating unhealthy snacks and staring at TV. Feel free to gather and fly to Egypt or Tunisia, where it is always warm. Or go skiing in the Alps and enjoy heaps of snow and quality, long slopes. It's up to you how you deal with your days off. In January you will be full of energy and in a good mood.

If there is ony a one thing to take from today's article, then the fact that Christmas will always be the way you make them. Whether they will be hectic, full of stress and the in pursuit of perfection, or pleasant, calm and in the company of the ones you love most, it is up to you.


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