14 tips for autumn weekend in two

14 tips for autumn weekend in two

Summer is definitely gone and you are thinking how to have fun with your beloved on weekends? Read our tips and you don't have to worry about stereotype and boredom in your relationship. Even in the autumn you can do a lot of things! From romantic to fun :)

In summer it's easier. The sun lures out for bathing, barbecues, cycling, festivals and camping with friends. One does not have to bother muc to enjoy the weekends to the fullest. But time is running out and autumn is knocking on the door and with that comes the little fear that we will be bored at home. And that's not healthy for anyone. Especially your relationship.

You may also have run out of ideas on how to spend your weekends together, or even on weekdays. Get inspired by us and enjoy every autumn day!

Tips for (not only) a romantic autumn weekend:

1) Do some sports 

Colder weather is perfect for a variety of sports. Even autumn has a lot of bright sunny days so don't be afraid to plan some sport activities. You can go cycling, roller-skating or jogging together in the park. If the weather decides to ruin your outdoor plans, try swimming, a gym or a climbing wall. Importantly, you will have program together. You can support each other in your performance and improve together.

For an easy performence measurment, make sure you have sport watch with stopwatch, altimeter or pedometr. For swimming lovers waterproof watches will do the trick.

2) Discover new places in the city 

If you don't like sports, you can go for a walk around the city. Perhaps for all these months and years you only went to your favorite cafes or restaurants, and you haven't noticed that a new bistro or tea shop was opened a few streets away. The world around is chaning and it is pity not to try evething it offers. So give chance to new places and get rid of stereotype.

3) Go for culture - concerts, theaters, exhibitions 

Autumn is the time when season of many cultural institutions stars - theaters, philharmonic, clubs. Right now you have the perfect opportunity to finally go to Hamlet or listen to your favorite movie tunes performed by a live orchestra. You can visit museums, galleries or expand your knowledge at an interesting lecture.

Tip: Get a new watch or a beautiful piece of jewellery and go for culture looking elegant as ever. Treat yourself to luxury!

4) Take a trip

You may feel that you've been everywhere and have seen everything around you. But you can always find new places that offer a lot of beauty. Or you can rediscover the old known places from a different perspective. If you are more adventurous, pack a warm sleeping bag, a mat and explore the nature around you. Leave the car at home for once, you can also get to interesting places by train. Take a walk and in the evening break the camp in a nice forest glade, near a romantic ruin or under an overhanging rock. If you come across a campsite, you can easily make fire, roast sausages and warm up nicely. You'll see that you'll never forget the weekend under the stars.

5) Do volunteering

If you want to have fun and do something good not only for yourself but also for others, join the volunteer programs. You can reach out to one of the non-profit organizations and actively participate in making the world a better place for all of us. Whether you are planting trees, cleaning up dirty forests from garbage, or doing company to seniors in a retirement home, you will learn a lot. You will make new friends, help and enjoy the good time.

6) Walk the dogs from shelter 

Do you like dogs, but your living conditions or lack of time do not allow you to adopt one? There is nothing easier than to visit a shelter and take dogs who do not have their owners for a walk. You will do great service to them and you may love one so much that you will eventually take it home. Dog needs a lot of your time which brings few limits, but it's love for you will be immeasurable and eternal. You get a partner with whom your life will take on new dimensions. Don't need to worry about stereotype with a dog.

7) Try new board games

Have fun at home when it's pouring rain outside. Forget spending the time on your computer or phone. Even at home you can have a lot of fun. Try one of the board games. You can choose from a plenty of strategic, social and logical board games that reliably deal with boredom. Study the rules and start playing. Not only do you train your brain, but also enjoy a lot of competition and fun together.

8) Improve your home

Autumn time is ideal for a variety of household chores. Get into work and enjoy together how beautiful it looks. You can go for a new wall painting, or get an interesting wallpapers and style your living room in a new coat, bring some flowers, paint old chairs or go shopping for home accessories. You can also go to an antique shop and discover the treasures that will make your home special.

9) Think of a new hobby

After the holidays, it is ideal time to register for a new course. Together, you can start classes for drawing, photography or learning a new language. If you are attracted to movement, try weekend dancing lessons or swordplay lessons. You have countless possibilities. Go together or each separately and then you can talk about new experiences.

10) Fly a kite

Every autumn includes a good wind. You may not love it but you can use it. When was the last time you were flying a kite? That it's only for children? Ou please. Try to return to your childhood and make a kite at home. Creative fun and tension if your kite takes off will only benefit your relationship.

11) Have a party with your friends 

No need to spend the weekend only in two. Invite friends and make a movie night together. Prepare refreshments, good drinks and think back to everything you have experienced together. You can also prepare a Halloween party. Run a contest for the best mask or best carved pumpkin and enjoy a scary weekend.

12) Make an autumn picnic in the park

Do not mislead that only summer is a picnic season. Even on colder days you can dine outdoors. Just wear warm clothes, pack a thick blanket and prepare some good food. You can create a special autumn menu - pumpkin muffins, pear pie, baked sandwiches and a thermos with hot cocoa or mulled wine. Enjoy autumn romance!

13) Relax - massage, wellness

Definitely take a good care of yourself and rest well in autumn. Go for a wellness weekend, go for a massage or cosmetics. Spoil yourself! Make a weekend with your partner. Take care of your hair with a good shampoo, apply a nourishing mask or oil. Get yourself and your loved one a new perfume and enjoy the well-deserved relaxation. You have so many options!

14) Just be at home

And if you don't want to do any of the above? So just get into your sweatpants, make your tea and finally get into the book you always planned on reading. Have a good dinner together and just talk. Make plans for a summer vacation or winter cottage and enjoy each other's presence.


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