Coronavirus time: tips on how to survive at home with kids

  • Coronavirus time: tips on how to survive at home with kids

Coronavirus time: tips on how to survive at home with kids

The situation in education is not rosy due to the ongoing epidemic, and it even seems that school desks, clubs and kindergartens will be closed until the end of this school year. For children a long vacation, for parents the challenge is equal to the struggle for survival.

Finding a way to entertain your kids, process the learn with them, keep them cool and not let them laze requires time, a plethora of ideas and often nerves of iron. Especially those who are also forced to do their job in the homeoffice deserve at least a medal after this period. Therefore, we bring you a few tips for activities that can be done with children even in a limited mode.

Busy hands are happy hands

Who does not know this folk saying and soon did not remember the sea of fun games in various forms, that will be really useful now. Computer games, game consoles, games on mobile phones, card games and, of course, board games must not be missing from the list, to which our attention should be focused the most.

Games for the whole family that will entertain, improve your mood, make you laugh, teach and get you closer to each other. Whether you're pulling out the good old board games or something newer like Activity, Dobble or Scrabble, you can't go wrong. It is possible to go even further and carefully write down records of the results and create a full-fledged "coronavirus" tournament for several weeks, which will have valuable prizes at the end of its winner.

Handwritten word

Restricting social contacts to what is absolutely necessary applies to everyone. Fortunately, it does not apply to telephone and written contact. Regular calling and sending messages is a matter of course, but what else can liven up this communication with something creative. Maybe a handwritten letter. In addition, children can decorate the letters with various paintings, stickers, washi tapes, etc. Beautiful optimistic wishes, which will not disappear in communication threads, will please especially the older generation in this difficult time, who will certainly lovingly display them.

Craziness for every day

Every day with children you will need its symbolic golden nail! Something silly, sly or even crazy? The more, the better! A snack from a picnic basket on a blanket in the middle of the living room, tickets to a special home cinema with a bowl of popcorn, which starts at 19:00 in the parents' bed, or how about baking your favourite Christmas cookies?

Fun for a long time

Puzzle: assembling pieces that have been entertaining for decades, several generations before us, has reached its peak of fame, but even today it will find its fans who will completely fall for this hobby for days. Especially with puzzles, you need to be careful not to oppose this activity to your offspring right from the start. The unwritten rule, which is to add one zero to the child's age, works quite well and you get an approximate number of pieces that is suitable for a beginner.

Exercise in the fresh air

Walks are currently very limited and probably feasible exclusively in rural regions. But even so, it makes sense. Staying in the fresh air clears the head, strengthens the immune system and helps to stay in mental and physical balance.

But let's not forget the government's order: put on a facemask, at best gloves, go to places where it is possible to maintain a sufficient distance from other people, optimally at least two meters, observe the prohibition of contact. Wash your hands thoroughly when you return home.

Making a smile saves you

Anyone who has ever tried to involve a child in everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, cooking or working in the garden knows that it is often more exhausting than the task itself. But the initial phase will pass, and because children are very docile, you will raise real helpers from them over time. By taking slow steps, from wiping dishes, setting the table, mixing and weighing baking ingredients, sweeping or wiping dust, you will create useful habits, keep children in the spotlight, and significantly strengthen family cohesion.

Treasure hunt

From easy hiding places to a sophisticated hunt full of tasks, instructions, eight-way puzzles, puzzles and riddles, which children gradually reveal and approach day by day to a hidden, usually sweet treasure. There are no limits to imagination and complexity. The right pirate map that will guide children safely in places in the apartment or house and small motivational rewards when searching are definitely desirable and will make the whole adventure even more enjoyable.

Planks, that mean the world 

Children adore disguises and costumes and an imaginary space in which everything is feasible, at least for a while. All this is offered by the home theatre stage. Uncover hidden talents in children and bring a little cultural relaxation to your home. Favourite books, scenes or even cartoon jokes can serve as templates for acting. The costume is found or quickly rushed from an old sheet or curtain.

The necessary accessories and scenery open the door to the creative world of cutting, painting and various associated creations, which should entertain children for long hours. With these and many other activities, parents will hopefully find a way to enjoy properly.

Make time for yourself too

Reward yourself and relax. Do not chase after the satisfaction of your children. Until you are satisfied, your surroundings will not be satisfied either. Have a fragrant bath, do your make-up removal ritual and finish your skin care.


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