Where to spend your summer vacation and what you definitely shouldn't forget?

  • Where to spend your summer vacation and what you definitely shouldn't forget?

Where to spend your summer vacation and what you definitely shouldn't forget?

The time of the year we've impatiently been waiting for is finally here. The time of summer vacations. But prior to every vacay, there's always big planning and hard decision making. Where to go? Abroad or stay in the UK? And what to never ever forget when going abroad?

The best thing to do is to consider all the possibilities and alternatives and get ready for each and every one of them. If you stay in the UK, your situation becomes much easier. All you need is your car, days off, accommodation (if it's on the other side of the UK) and if you're not much picky when it comes to food or do not keen on All Inclusive, there's always a place to grab a bite. Maybe you like sleeping in tents - then all you need are days off, a place to go and you're off to vacation.

But vacation abroad is a whole different story. A travel agency will do a lot of work for you, yet there's still much more to manage. Do you see yourself chilled out under a palm on a beach or in some kind of a luxurious hotel room with a perfect view on a clear blue sea? Then don't underestimate anything and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

What definitely not to forget and what to settle out?

  • Valid travel document (ID or passport, depending on your journey but the ID will do within the borders of EU).
  • a copy of your passport in case the original gets lost
  • warm clothes to keep you warm during the way (buses get cold during the night)
  • phone numbers of UK embassy and your family members
  • high factor sunscreen (especially if you're going to exotic places)
  • Good insurance (better pay more for better insurance than regret it afterwards)
  • basic medical kit (nausea cure, headache pills, high-temperature remedy etc.)
  • Vaccinate (definitely if you're going to exotic places, where you can find many different types of diseases, bacteria and parasites, so if you're going on your own, definitely get vaccinated)
  • An inflatable pillow under your head (not a necessity, yet very practical)
  • a raincoat (easier to carry around compared to an umbrella)
  • your own cosmetics and hygiene
  • solid shoes

Write everything you need on a piece of paper and check out anything you already have, you'll lower the possibility of forgetting something.

What might come handy:

Then there's a lot of stuff you have to do before you leave no matter where you go. Do you have a pet? Find someone to take care of it or do whatever it takes to bring your four-legged beloved one with you. If you're travelling abroad, you'll have to have your pet chipped, get it a passport and also all the necessary vaccinations. If it's a long journey, keep in mind that maybe some sleeping pills might come handy to your pet. Will it be worth it or is it better that someone you trust will be taking care of your pet comfortable at home?

A good thing to contemplate is hydrating your plants and feeding the fish. Even if there are no plants at your place and no living creatures either, however, you're still going to be away for a while, it's useful to have someone who will check whether's everything fine from time to time. It wouldn't be much cheerful if you came back home only to find out there's been a flood in your apartment...

And finally – where to go in 2019?

This year's favourite destinations:

  • Indonesia (different traditions, breathtaking beaches - everyone finds their own favourite)
  • Belize (diving at coral Reeves might be a life-lasting experience)
  • Slovenia (home to many beautiful places and not very expensive)
  • Panama (Latin America is getting more and more popular)
  • Philippines (very diverse - many breathtaking waterfalls, mountains, beaches and forests)
  • Italy and Croatia (still considered as ones of the most popular vacation destinations)
  • Malta (full of beautiful natural landscapes and wonders, attracting more than a million tourists every year)
  • Norway (land of fjords, lakes, icebergs and wonderful nature will definitely charm you)
  • China (attracts by its culture, architecture and various places making you feel like on whole another planet)
  • Egypt (a favourite tourist place all year long, Egyptian Taga will be visited the most this year)

So where will you spend your summer vacation this year? Will you have all lined up by your travel agency or will you explore on your own, undergo your own adventure?


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