Women's jewellery according to the zodiac signs

  • Women's jewellery according to the zodiac signs

Women's jewellery according to the zodiac signs

Having a hard time choosing jewellery? Try to choose the most suitable piece according to your date of birth. Jewellery based on zodiac signs can be an interesting inspiration for how to decorate in accordance with your personality. Discover yours!

Choosing the right piece of jewellery is sometimes not easy. The offer is rich and you don't know exactly if the chosen piece will fit you well. And the problem is even greater if you want to buy a piece of jewellery for someone else. How to choose the piece that best suits your personality? Try to follow the zodiac signs, which will tell you which ornament will be best for you.

Don't worry, we don't want to say that a woman in the sign of Libra must necessarily get a bracelet with a rose quartz, and everyone else will be a bad choice. From time immemorial, however, our ancestors attributed not only certain properties to individual signs but also various types of stones, which were supposed to fit the given sign the most and bring happiness to their wearer. Therefore, we can take them as an interesting inspiration. And if you don't believe in astrology, you can only look out of curiosity. Maybe you will discover an interesting piece with which you can complete your jewellery box.

What jewellery fits your sign?

Aries (21.3.-20.4.)

Brave and confidently charged, Aries definitely do not need delicate jewellery that will be indistinct and their temperament will completely overshadow them. They will appreciate much more striking, expressive and richly decorated jewellery that will perfectly match their personality. An excellent choice will be a ruby, which is also nicknamed the stone of love and passion. It will fit perfectly with their toughness and fiery nature. Ruby will boost their natural self-confidence and courage, and will also guide them on the right path if they fall into trouble due to their hot head.

Taurus (21.4.-21.5.)

Taurus are influenced by the element of the earth, so they are not very light-hearted and usually, the practical and material side of things wins. Therefore, do not expect the popularity of distinctive and wild patterns or ornaments. Such jewellery would attract too much attention and would not fit into their refined wardrobe. Therefore, you should rather reach for decent jewellery. Finer earrings with rhinestones or small rings will be the real deal. The best fit for the stones is a pink sapphire, which will also help them better manage their interpersonal relationships. Taurus like beautiful and luxurious things, so this gemstone will definitely enchant them.

Gemini (22.5.-21.6.)

Intellectual and communicative Gemini will find their happiness with a citrine stone that has joyful and fresh energy. It is said that this semi-precious stone is a stone of diplomacy, joy and cheerful mood. It will bring prosperity and balance to the lives of active Gemini. When it comes to jewellery, bet on simple and fresh pieces that these individuals will not suffocate. Gemini are a bit volatile and often changes style, so give them a piece of jewellery that will be a bit versatile and will match everything.

Cancer (22.6.-22.7.)

Cancer are among the individuals with a sensitive and fragile nature and are very emotionally based. Therefore, their character fits delicate and delicate jewellery, which underlines their femininity and dazzling aura. Pearls, which are a symbol of femininity, feelings and emotions, go best with Cancer. Although Cancer have a strong relationship for the family and pay close attention to good interpersonal relationships, they sometimes have difficulty coping with themselves. Pearl jewellery will help them with that.

Leo (23.7.-22.8.)

The brave and strong Leo love to be admired. Even in the animal kingdom, the lion is the king of all living creatures and likes to be proud, so it is no surprise that the jewellery for the Leo must be such that no one really misses them. They are not afraid of strong colours, ornaments or extravagant pieces, but even here it is necessary to pay attention to a certain elegance. The most suitable stone for them is a diamond, the king of all gems, whose energy no one can tame better than women in the sign of Leo.

Virgo (23.8.-22.9.)

Virgo belong to earth signs, they are very careful, logical and always stand firmly on the ground. They can also be very critical, so choose jewellery for them carefully. They will fit pieces that are not very expressive because Virgo do not like to be the center of attention. Rather, choose sober and sober ornaments that will be elegant and ideally practical. If you choose jewellery with a stone, choose a green emerald. This beautiful gemstone will help them cope with the stress that often afflicts them, and will also give them the energy to pursue the perfection they love so much."

Libra (23.9.-23.10.)

Playful and artistically based Libra have a great sense of beauty. That is why they are perhaps most enthusiastic about the entire horoscope for all the ornaments, among which jewellery definitely belongs. They are thrilled by bracelets, rings and earrings, and because they have great taste, they can always match them perfectly. The semi-precious stone of rose quartz, the stone of love that plays the most important role in Libra's life, best suits their nature. It fits perfectly with their romantic nature. 

Scorpio (24.10.-22.11)

Scorpio is one of the signs with a passionate soul. Although they may look like passive individuals, don't get it wrong, they have a lot of energy in them. If you want to please Scorpio, give them a distinctive but simple piece of jewellery. For example, you can try some of the minimalist jewellery that has sharp edges and striking shapes but is not overly decorated. Of the stones, a black diamond, a stone of passion and also a bit of a mysterious mineral, which corresponds exactly to the deep soul of this sign, is suitable for the Scorpion.

Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12)

Energetic Sagittarius are sincere and their goals are high. Due to their adventurous nature and active life, they do not hold too much jewellery, because these ornaments would mislead them. It is therefore advisable to present them with earrings or a ring, which they will not have to put down every day and will perfectly characterize their personality. As for the stones, bet on a Czech garnet. His strength and deep red colour support their innate sincerity and bring hope to the best of tomorrow in the Sagittarius' lives.

Capricorn (22.12.-20.1.)

Capricorn love austere elegance. By their nature, these beings are ambitious, purposeful, but a little conservative. They don't like trying new things and not even experimenting with jewellery. Choose a piece that is not specially decorated and its natural beauty stands out. Capricorn are best suited for clear crystal, which is clear and does not hide anything. The children of this earthly sign have difficulty revealing their soul and emotions to the people around them, so it is the crystal that will help them bring a little more tenderness into their souls and open themselves up to the world a little more.

Aquarius (21.1.-20.2.)

The original Aquarius likes to swim against the current. Their nature is very free-spirited, friendly and imaginative. Nevertheless, they have a deep soul and can fight for their ideals. Ideal jewellery for this sign actually does not exist, because Aquarius likes to wear anything and anytime. Just don't want them to be bound by established conventions. A suitable semi-precious stone for this energetic sign is the purple amethyst, which will elevate their minds, but at the same time remind them that reality is here on earth.

Pisces (21.2.-20.3.)

Delicate and calm Pisces can be very dreamy and thoughtful. They value harmony in life very much and their intuition seldom disappoints them. Therefore, they will fit jewellery that is not extravagant and expressive. Rather choose finer pieces of gentle, fragile design. From the stones, they will sit blue sapphire, a beautiful gem that hides the mysterious depths of the oceans, the magic of the night sky and also encourages creativity. It is also a symbol of loyalty and love, which Pisces greatly values.


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