10 tips on how to enjoy Easter even during quarantine

  • 10 tips on how to enjoy Easter even during quarantine

10 tips on how to enjoy Easter even during quarantine

Are you sad that this Easter will be carried in the spirit of a coronavirus pandemic? Perhaps now is the right time to take a break from the stressful news and focus on something else after a long time. Here are 10 tips on how to enjoy Easter this year and forget about all the unpleasant things these days have to offer.

The Easter holidays are coming soon. We were all looking forward to caroling with family and relatives or celebrating our free days with a trip or a spring barbecue. This year's Easter will be different. We will have to leave visits and meetings for another time, as well as going out together. The coronavirus pandemic waved inexorably with the lives and customs of all of us, and it will touch Easter holidays as well. But don't worry, it's not that bad! We still have plenty of possibilities to enjoy the spring holidays even in this strange time. And, like Easter sowing, we must let ourselves germinate hope for better and more joyful days.

Easter is especially important for Christians, although its origin is pagan. It was on Good Friday that Jesus Christ was crucified to rise with great pomp from the dead to Easter Sunday, giving hope to all people of good will. Even Christians will have to do without the usual worship this year. And the annual speech of Pope Francis in front of the crowded square of St. Peter in the Vatican will probably take place this year without an audience and online. Well, time has changed.

This year Easter falls for the second week of April. Good Friday is 10th April, Easter Sunday 12th April and 13th April will celebrate Easter Monday. But the castles and churches are closed, Easter markets and fairs are cancelled. It may seem that this year it will be worthless. This may not be true. There are still things you can do even in times of crisis and quarantine. What are they? Let's get inspired! 

10 tips on how to enjoy Easter this year:

1. Remember, nature is not closed! 

Even if you won't visit the zoo or the castle this Easter, you can go out. Remember, nature is not closed! And April is the ideal time to go to the forest, fields or our ponds. In spring, everything comes alive, so you can enjoy budding trees or blooming flowers. Can you tell what species have already bloomed? And if the weather is nice, dust off your bike and step on the pedals. Movement in the fresh air will only benefit you today.

Likewise, the first spring months are great for observing our fauna. As long as the leaves are not fully on the trees, you have a great view of all sorts of birds and you can see bigger mammals, even with cute chicks. If you have a telescope at home, now is a great opportunity to use it. You won't see an exciting show just in the castle or in the zoo, but maybe right behind the garden. Well, when did you last pay such attention to nature?

2. Make Easter decorations

Even if you won't be able to show off to your family or friends, Easter decorations will please you. And if you have children at home, it provides an ideal way to entertain them during long school holidays.

What to start with? You can definitely try making Easter wreaths to decorate the front door. You can use old ribbons, coloured papers and paints. You can also decorate the wreath with natural elements that you collect during a spring walk. Sprigs of budding leaves or dried flowers will look great. And do not forget the eggshells that will give your wreath an Easter touch! If you have no idea what else to create, check out Pinterest to discover lots of other interesting decorations.

You can also collect twigs into a vase. It can withstand the blooming golden rain or live flowers. You can also decorate outdoor window sills. For example, spring pots with planted primroses or mini daffodils. Florists are open, so let's go shopping.

Charm in the kitchen

When we can no longer enjoy good restaurants, it's time to take things into our own hands. Roast Easter chicken, turkey rolls, homemade pates, delicious cheeses and ham. Fresh vegetables and of course eggs in any form. Make a real feast at home and treat yourself to all your favourite goodies.

Do not forget the roast lamb, which inherently belongs to Easter. And if you don't like the traditional sponge cake, you can try a fresh spring carrot cake that the whole family will enjoy.

4. Follow Easter traditions

When else than this Easter do you really have enough time to pursue all Easter traditions? In modern hectic times, they are a bit forgotten, which is a real shame. Take advantage of your free time and finally learn to knit a good whip from fresh willow sticks. You can also try traditional ways of decorating Easter eggs. Beautifully wax decorating, which after staining from the egg remove. Nature lovers can try onion dyeing. It looks very nice if you coat the eggs with various natural leaves, which you attach with gauze or old nylons. They remain beautifully printed on eggs.

If you want to know more about all the customs and traditions associated with Easter, you can check out our special article on this topic.

5. Organize grilling outdoors

If you are one of the lucky ones, and you have a garden or at least a large terrace at your house, you have won. For those of us who are trapped in the apartment, there are also some possibilities of barbecue. Take a look around and you will certainly find in nature beautiful places with a fireplace, where you can enjoy a walk and some goodies. Pack some pickled meat, camembert or classic sausages and set out to make a fire. But keep in mind that it is not good to invite friends or a more distant family. You can show them the newly discovered places when security measures are over.

6. Have fun at home

You may not be a natural enthusiast and would rather spend time at home. There's nothing wrong with that. Take advantage of free time in quarantine and watch traditional fairy tales and movies. And if you are not a fan of watching TV, now is the time to finally pull out board games or read a much-delayed book.

7. Clean up in nature

Each of us can contribute to a more beautiful and healthier nature that encourages trips and is not overwhelmed with discarded PET bottles and other waste. Therefore, this year you can go to help yourself. Just equip yourself with garbage bags and gloves, and you can at least clean up our parks, forests or railroad areas. 

8. Arrange a large cleaning

Cleaning is not only necessary in nature, but also in our homes. Although it may not be the traditional concept of Easter, such a great spring cleaning can sign for a good mood. It is not in vain that with cleaning the household we clean our own head.

Maybe you'll find things you didn't even know you had. Obviously they are not needed, so you can offer them in the bazaar to someone who uses them. You will get rid of unnecessary junk and still have some money on your account. Sort out broken things and try to repair them or make something useful. On the Internet, you will find a lot of ideas to deal with them, so try to get inspired.

And if you don't like DIY, you can enjoy some nice little things. What about buying a new perfume, jewellery or watches?

9. Prepare your garden for spring

If you're lucky enough to own a garden, you can spend some free Easter days adjusting it. Whether you are tempted to grow your own crops or prefer a decorative garden, there is plenty to do. Plant new flowers, herbs or vegetables, trim garden pots and trim shrubs or trees.

Working in the garden with warm spring rays is pleasant, and it is said that for some individuals working with clay has even therapeutic effects. It helps you calm your thoughts, focuses only on the activity itself, and forget about everything. The results of your action will not wait long and bring a smile to your face. Psychic rest and health are very important today.

10. Volunteer 

None of us knows when the coronavirus crisis will finally end. But you can manage it much better if you engage in volunteering and help those at risk. Whether it's the elderly who appreciate your help with the groceries or the doctors, nurses or cashiers who lack the face masks. Anyone can get involved and even little help counts. 

Yes, this Easter will be different. But if we can take advantage of the current difficult situation to develop or help others, we can learn a lot and eventually we may become somewhat better people. 


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