Surprise on the Children's Day

Věra Sýkorová | 27. 5. 2019

Children have their own day. We'll celebrate International Children's Day on Saturday, June1! This, of course, means a lot of fun and entertainment! Which gift will not only surprise your children but will be useful as well? What will cheer them up?

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7 top trends of this year's spring

Věra Sýkorová | 7. 5. 2019

Are you interested in the latest trends? Do you want to be modern and stylish? These are the seven hot fashion trends this spring. Go for them!

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The Secret of the Time Measurement 3: Mechanical Clock

Věra Sýkorová | 22. 3. 2019

Do you enjoy reading about all the discoveries made in the past? Are you interested in the first clockwork inventions? The final part of the article series is here. This time you will learn something new about the mechanical clock..

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The Secret of the Time Measurement 2: Hourglass

Věra Sýkorová | 26. 2. 2019

Since time immemorial people were trying to decipher a mystery of the time and master horological art. Before the invention of a clock as we know it today, there were many other inventions as well. Which ones? Next chapter of our series about the beginning of clock history is here. 

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The Secret of the Time Measurement 1: Sundial

Věra Sýkorová | 30. 1. 2019

From ancient times our ancestors were trying to orient themselves in time to be able to determinate different seasons of the year and were trying to understand different types of natural phenomenons and decipher the mystery of their origin. How did they do that?

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How to wrap presents creatively

Věra Sýkorová | 19. 12. 2018

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Did you manage to get everything you wanted or even a little bit more? But this is not the end of fun, because the perfect gift doesn't have to be the beginning and the end of the whole surprise.

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A Shocking Discovery! These 13 Easy Steps Lead To Happiness

Věra Sýkorová | 7. 11. 2018

Where does the happiness come from and how do you get it? Happiness is desired by almost everyone. But do we really need so much to achieve it? The answer is surprising. The path that leads to it may be less steep than it seems at first glance. Many claim that happiness is a completely natural state of being, not something that we would have to complicate to accomplish. 

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10 Most Attractive Men's G-SCHOCKs

Věra Sýkorová | 12. 6. 2018

"In good times and bad " is not just a marriage vow anymore. If you listen well, you can hear every new sports watch G-Shock whisper it into your ear. They have been designed specifically to survive a harsh treatment. They will bear anything and everything.

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Don't ignore the conditioner!

Věra Sýkorová | 12. 6. 2018

Although we live in the 21st century, there are still women who don't use the conditioner after washing their hair with a shampoo, saying they don't need it... are you one of them? Then have a short look at a couple of reasons why we believe it is a mistake.

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Be renewed. Go nude!

Věra Sýkorová | 1. 3. 2018

So you’ve seen fashion articles, e-shops and blogs talking about the “nude look”. Did that confuse you as much as it did me? Don’t worry I’ve done the research, thankfully, before I went anywhere in my birthday suit.

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