5 reasons why choose a more expensive model over of a cheap watch

Kate Phillips | 23. 10. 2019

Are you wondering what makes an expensive watch different from a cheap watch? Why even buy more expensive watches? In our article, we will try to explain why in some cases it is worthwhile to reach for more expensive watches and not look at the price.

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How to clean jewellery at home? We will advise you how

Kate Phillips | 11. 10. 2019

Jewellery is the decoration not only of every woman, but also man. While ladies are skilled at wearing various ornaments such as bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces, gentlemen are still discovering the right accessories. But it's not only about buying beautiful jewellery - you must also take care of your jewellery, otherwise their shine can go and you just left your eyes to cry. We will advise you how to take care of jewellery properly from the comfort of your home.

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Tune in to the autumn wave with 5 captivating perfumes

Kate Phillips | 9. 10. 2019

Autumn is in full swing and you still don't have a new perfume? Well it's time to do something about it. Leave floral and citrus fragrances for the summer, October is about woody and spicy notes. We have chosen the best five for you!

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When to put off your smart watch and reach for the classic?

Kate Phillips | 30. 9. 2019

On today's wrists we can more and more often find smart watches instead of classic ones. They are full of features, however, on some occasions just a small display is not suitable. Where will smart watches be inappropriate? Our article will answer that.

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Welcome autumn!

Kate Phillips | 23. 9. 2019

Friends, September 23 is the astronomical autumn and official end of summer. But maybe there is no need to take it so tragically. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this season. That you can't think of anything? That's why we are here and we will be happy to advise you what to do with the autumn day and evening.

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Pandora - the jewellery that enertains

Kate Phillips | 19. 9. 2019

Do you love personalistic jewellery and accessories you can wear anywhere? We have great news for you! Be in and make your own style only according to you. In Pandora's spirit. Why is this brand so special? The following article will answer this question.

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Attention, the bell rings! Prepare the children to return to school

Kate Phillips | 2. 9. 2019

The new school year is starting soon. Do you have freshmen enteringin the first year of school or kids who are just waiting to meet their classmates? Find out what you need to do before you start school so that returning to the school's banks is as enjoyable as possible for your children.

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How do you prepare for an interview and how do you manage to pass it?

Kate Phillips | 23. 8. 2019

Are you looking for a new job and are you waiting for the interview? You don't have to be in an unpleasant situation. Give up fears and preparedness for the fight in front of recruiters. Armed with a smile, confident, with sincerity and determination. Finally, a meeting can turn into a pleasant conversation at the end of which you can get a pretty easy job. How is this possible? Get informed about in this article.

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How to fix your hair quickly and easily

Kate Phillips | 15. 8. 2019

You know this for sure: you wake up in the morning, and the look in the mirror, on the tattered and disheveled hair is not exactly happy. Where are the gentle waves or the beautifully styled haircut of yesterday? Immediately you have to go to work and therefore certainly have no time to spend an hour in the bathroom. So what now? The taming of unruly hair curls does not necessarily have to be an unpleasant and tedious task. Read the following article and say bye-bye to your un-styled hair.

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Be a stylish wedding attendant

Kate Phillips | 24. 6. 2019

Are you supposed to go to a wedding? And do you know what's expected from you?  What to wear? Which accessories to choose? Every wedding is different. You can bump into many curiosities like a wedding in a trailer... How to match your wristwatch and jewellery with the style of the wedding? We'll advise you!

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Natural shampoos and eco-friendly watch. What's your opinion?

Kate Phillips | 4. 6. 2019

World Environment Day is happening on June 5. And how do you help to save the environment? For starters, start to keep your hair and skin from getting damaged and try natural hair cosmetics. What are the pluses of this? We're gonna learn in the following article.

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How to pick a wedding gift for the happy couple?

Kate Phillips | 23. 5. 2019

You've been invited to a wedding. A pleasure indeed, yet what to do now? A preparation's ahead, choosing the right outfit as well as choosing the wedding gift. But how to choose the right present?

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How to get more time?

Kate Phillips | 29. 4. 2019

It surely happens to you as well – there's a bunch of deadlines and tasks ahead of you, yet you still postpone until the furthest point possible. Do you feel stuck in a loop? We'll tell you how to end this madness forever in our article.

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How not to let time change ruin your mood

Kate Phillips | 27. 3. 2019

Transition to summer time is going to take place in the nighttime on 31st March this year and as usual, your clock will move one hour forward. This regular change is difficult for the majority of people. But quite possibly it is going to be one of the last time changes ever...

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Experience the most stylish Women's Day

Kate Phillips | 4. 3. 2019

Spring is finally here. Together with it also some typical spring holidays, which we are looking forward to every year. Some of them stays behind and don´t have the importance they deserve. Celebrate this year´s International Women´s Day in full swing and show how much you value all important women in your life. 

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How to dazzle at ballroom dance

Kate Phillips | 5. 2. 2019

Fan of Strickly Come Dancing? This year´s ball dancing season is in a full swing. Don´t stay behind. We will give you a few tips how to become a ball room queen. 

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Celebrate at the right time

Kate Phillips | 28. 12. 2018

When we say New Year´s Eve we think of a party that rocks, food, drinks, fireworks with all the colours of the rainbow. And yes, somethimes even all the cartoons and traditional Christmas TV shows.

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Hints for Christmas Presents

Kate Phillips | 15. 11. 2018

Christmas is nearly here. What kind of Christmas presents are fashionable this year? What will leave your relatives speechless? What, in turn, is a completely neutral Christmas present? Have you got similar questions on your mind? You might find the answers here.

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Review: Yves Saint Laurent – La Nuit de L’Homme Le Parfum

Kate Phillips | 12. 6. 2018

This men's perfume has been collecting praise from both men and women for a long time already. We have decided to test it and find out whether its reputation of a "divine scent" stands up to the reality... Look how it turned out!

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Spring detox

Kate Phillips | 12. 3. 2018

The beginning of spring is the ideal time for a good spring clean. However you shouldn’t stop at your home. Your body has been suffering in the cold, with less sunlight, less fresh air, less activity and more comfort food; not to mention the festive seasons excesses. Indulge yourself with a pain-free spring detox and you’ll feel reborn.

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